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4 Best Way to Make Backlinks For a Blog

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Backlinks are one of the most important part of a blog. They’re important for a blog’s survival. Building backlinks helps you to get a good page rank for your blog. Like they affect the page rank in a positive way, they for sure affect it negatively. Like, if you have links from quality blogs, it will have a good effect on your blog’s search engine ranking, but if your site has links with irrelevant sites, it may affect negatively. Building inbound links makes no sense if they’re not relevant to your contents, the links should be relevant ones and that is what determines the quality of links.

If you’re looking forward to build backlinks naturally, here are one of the best ways you can do to :

  1. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is undoubtedly one of the best and most practiced method for building links. It can generate great results in a short spam of time. This method also helps you create a healthy relationship with your fellow bloggers. You should always target the suitable blog for commenting, not just any blog. Suitable here means, the blog that is relevant to your industry and can drive a good traffic to it. Also the quality of your comment matters a lot, comments like “good post”, “great article” are just a waste of time and will end in a trash folder.

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  1. Guest Blogging

This method is one of the best and safest ways for building quality links. This is a one way method of building safe and quality backlinks. For guest posting, you’ll definitely need some effort and post quality article that the another website will consider worth to share. For this method, the first think you’ll need to do is finding a suitable blog that’s willing to share your content. this method for sure is a time consuming method and will need some patience, but the results will for sure be positive and great

  1. Backlinks From Forums

Forum boards are a great way to build quality backlinks for your blog and also drive some traffic to it. For building links, you can take a great advantage of their signature board feature which allows you to add short text and also some links which in turn results in some great backlinks. For finding the best forums for your blogs, you can take help of search engines, you’ll just need to put your keyword. For example, the niche of your blog is tech, you’ll have to comment something like “tech + forum” in the search parameter.

  1. Sites That Share Documents

Another excellent way that can get you  some quality backlinks is, using websites that share your contents. For sharing your articles or ebooks with these sites, you’ll first need to convert them into a pdf format and than upload them to these websites. Such websites are trusted by google and many more search engines and hence, can provide you quality backlinks for sure.

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The above mentioned are few ways through which you can build some quality backlinks and will not need to bother about panda, penguin or any other google update if you practice them properly.

Final Words

So, these were 4 Ways to build Backlinks for a blog, if followed it can be of lot of help for you. In case of any query, feel free to ask. Stay tuned for more such informative articles and updates.

4 Best Way to Make Backlinks For a Blog
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