5 NOT-SO-POPULAR Social Media Websites To Drive Huge Traffic

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The arrival of social media websites has caused a great effect in our lives. Almost every student or a teenager that we find is connected to such a site. Such websites have made it easy to connect with our friends, relatives and coworkers easily and world now has become a small place to live in. Talking about the importance of social media websites, bloggers are non back. These websites play a vital role in the lives of bloggers.Social media websites have helped bloggers a lot. Social Media Websites To Drive Huge Traffic have been one of the most important sources for bloggers to drive traffic, in fact some are just totally dependent on these websites for driving traffic to their websites. When we talk about social media websites in particular, what’s the first thing that come into your mind ? Facebook ? Twitter ? Each and every one of you is surely familiar with these websites, they’ve become like a part of our daily lives. But there are many more websites you’re not actually familiar with and which can drive you a lot of traffic. Social Media Websites To Drive Huge Traffic is important must be kept in the consideration if you really wanna get some bucks up for you! Here are top 5 NOT-SO-POPULAR websites that can help you drive a lot of traffic:

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  1. Pinterest


Pinterest is the new trend in the market where you can get traffic by pinning your posts or images, if your pinned posts get quite a good exposure then chances are you’ll end up with massive amount of traffic on your blog. This website is highly recommended for bloggers who have health or fasion niche blogs as they can drive a good number of customers through it.

  1. Bizsugar


This website is basically made for bloggers, businessmen and entrepreneurs where they share their views or business news and tips and also vote on a particular thread. For traffic, you may add your links so people over there visit it and you get the traffic.

  1. Listly


Listly is slowly and gradually becoming more and more popular because of its unique concept. In this website, you can make a number of lists that you want to share with people depending on the interest. In this micro platform website, you can add your links and people can further add their links too and contribute to your posts.

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  1. IT

This micro platform website has a bit of same concept as of listly. It too allows the user to add links, which they call as scoop. After you scoop your links, it’s done, your links will be added and also like pinterest, you can make boards here where you can add links.


  1. Quora


This website is quite a different one from the above mentioned ones. This website allows you to ask or answer questions. When you ask questions, people will participate in the post and try to solve it, similarly you can answer on somebody else’s posts too. While you answer the questions, try to give interesting answers so you may attract the people over there which may turn those people to visitors of your website. The more you’re popular among people, the more are the chances of them to visit your site.

So, these were 5 Not-So-Popular social media websites to drive traffic to your blog. We hope you liked the article. Stay tuned to for more such articles and updates.

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5 NOT-SO-POPULAR Social Media Websites To Drive Huge Traffic
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