Happy Valentine Week List 2019 (Date Sheet)

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Valentine’s Week List 2019 Date Sheet: As you know that January 1st marks the beginning of a brand  new year for entire world. But in this world, there are people whose new year starts from February 7th,yes the day from which Valentine’s Week initiates.

This is perhaps the most awaited week for those people, including you and myself. Valentine’s Week is an event for 1 week which begins with Rose Day and ends on Valentine’s Day.

The entire week is filled with true romance and love birds share sweet memories and time with each other. Are you ready to impress your love? In this article I have shared a list of Valentine’s Week Date Sheet 2019. I know the majority of our readers are boys, so I have also given a short but brief description about the days this week will happen.

Below, we are given the Valentine’s Week List 2019. We have listed Day, Date & Event Name in this table. So let’s check that out!

Valentine Week List 2015 | Valentine Week Date List 2015

Day Date Event
Saturday 7-Feb-15 Rose Day
Sunday 8-Feb-15 Propose Day
Monday 9-Feb-15 Chocolate Day
Tuesday 10-Feb-15 Teddy Day
Wednesday 11-Feb-15 Promise Day
Thursday 12-Feb-15 Hug Day
Friday 13-Feb-15 Kiss Day
Saturday 14-Feb-15 Valentine Day
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Rose Day – People usually prefer Red Rose to gift their love this day. Red is meant to be the warmest of all color, indicates a dark affection about love relation, and also determination. So it would not be bad start the week this way.

Propose Day – Proposing her for a date or for further relationship in your love life. It is the day to tell, What do you think about him/her (your partner)? Proposing a girl is a harder task then proposing a boy. I have seen boys getting down on knees to ask her for a date. So, make use of your time and celebrate it with your love.

Chocolate Day – The smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation. Getting relaxed and live the present would be more interesting and beneficial for both of you. Gift her/him a dark chocolate with a sweet present, wish or message. It will make your day even more special.

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Teddy Day – As the name says the whole story. You have to wander here and there to search for a good looking huge teddy bear or any teddy. And gift her a teddy with the color choice of her and size she loves the most. It will leave a mark on your relationship.

Promise Day  You do not have to make a promise for living with each other whole life. But in contrary, just make the promise that till whenever you are going to be her/him, you will never cheat, never lie, and last but not least will be loyal to your partner. That’s it.

Hug Day – It is the cure of many problems, not physically but psychologically. If your can give your partner a warm hug then it would definitely make her/him feel more safe and realize that sh/he is in right environment. Give hug not on just this day, but when you get the opportunity.

Kiss Day – This is the day to get naughty with your partner and kiss her/him on cheeks. Or if are having a long relationship then you can even kiss her anywhere you want. But she must be agree of that! Time to get fulfilled of your intentions.

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Valentine’s Day – I think no need to tell about this day. The moment, if passed with right moments, would never be forgotten in any sense.

That’s it for now! You have the whole lot of information what to do on each day. If you got budget then give her a treat in an expensive hotel, or gift her sweet presents every day. She would love being in your arms and company.

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Happy Valentine Week List 2019 (Date Sheet)
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