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Facebook Ghost ID Trick How to Create a Blank Name Fb Account

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Facebook Ghost ID Trick :

Hello Guys! We are now again back with the new and interesting facebook updates and Tricks! Facebook Ghost ID Trick and creation will be revealed in this Article.Facebook is the #1 Social networking site with the highest Registered users across the world. Even though the Facebook possess high security there are many Tips and tricks tweaked in it. In this article i’m going to reveal the Facebook Ghost ID Trick.

What is Facebook Ghost ID ?

Yes! Don’t know about Facebook Ghost ID? The Facebook Ghost ID will not have any First name and Last name in the details. So, the name of the account will be of blank space. Interesting? Let’s continue our Facebook Ghost ID trick

  ( Example of Facebook Ghost ID)

Check out this image. This is the Perfect example of Facebook ghost id. The Guy has used the Facebook ghost ID trick and made his Name blank/Invisible. You can annoy your friends using this facebook ghost ID trick and Suprise them. They must be annoyed and shocked after seeing this Cool stunt! Seems cool right?! So check out the Steps below.

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Facebook Ghost ID Trick :

In order to Make a blank name in the First name and last name we need to follow some procedure and order for bypassing the Facebook default limitations. So, follow the procedure for the Facebook Ghost id.

  1. Login to your Facebook Account.
  2. Go to the Account Settings.
  3. Change the Language to Indonesia and Save.
  4. Now Use Indonesian Proxies and Port in your Browser
  5. Now go to the Name Setting again in Facebook.
  6. Remove the First name and Last name.
  7. Enter the ﱞﱞﱞ  Character in your First name.
    ( Yes the Black spotted character between “The and Character”)
  8. Now save the setting and Confirm with Password.

Dang! You just Completed the Facebook Ghost ID Trick!!

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Facebook Ghost ID Trick How to Create a Blank Name Fb Account
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